Editorial Board

The journal Genética Latinoamericana is a private academic body, directed by a select group of professionals with expertise in the field of health, research and genomics. We welcome other experts in these clinical and molecular disciplines to join the editorial team.

With the growth of the molecular sciences and their entry into the clinical sciences, we see it of utmost importance to promote rigorous research in our region with the purpose of educating and promoting this new knowledge.

Jorge Mendez


Dr. Jorge D. Méndez, MD, MS, PhD
Editor in Chief
Dr. Tania Herrera Rodríguez
Editor - Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Dr. Lorena Salazar García

Editora Asociada
Dr. Moisés Cukier
Editor - Oncologic Surgery
Dra. Indira Herrera
Editor - Rare Diseases
Dra. Katlin de la Rosa Poueriet
Editor - Diagnóstico Molecular

Dra. Celia Cantón
Editor - Disautonomia and Muscular Dysthrophies

Dr. Ignacio Véliz
Editor - Personalized Oncologic treatment

Dr. Luis Leonardo Flores-Lagunes
Editor - Molecular diagnosis by NGS

Dr. Enrique D. Austin
Editor - Cancer and Tumoral genetic diseases

Dr. Bary Bigay
Editor - Precision Oncology and Molecular Genetics